The OXONOX AirLift

The OXONOX AirLift has been developed, using plasma science, primarily to sanitise the air we breathe within a lift car that may be contaminated with cough or sneeze droplets. Airborne germs would ordinarily be active for 45 minutes in an elevator according to studies.

The OXONOX AirLift eliminates up to 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria in the air, and can also be effective on touch surfaces in the lift car.

OXONOX - Trusted protection against harmful pathogens.

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Introducing the OXONOX AirLift

Harnessing the Power of Plasma

OXONOX AirLift directs air from in and around the lift into the enclosed plasma treatment chamber, killing 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria found within the elevator cart. The process deactivates and kills the germs. High energy bioactive plasma particles sanitise the air and can even decontaminate touch surfaces within the lift car, reaching places that other disinfectants cannot and limiting regrowth of bacteria for up to 6 hours.

Plasma AirLift Sterilisation

Our OXONOX AirLift kills up to 99.99% of germs through plasma treatment alone.

OXONOX AirLift Hepafilter UV Light Ionised Air
First used in medicine 1856 1940 1910 2003
To be biocidal reliant upon Ozone Not biocidal Ozone Ozone
Control release of ozone
Effective at sterilisation at distance
Poor Poor
Leaves contaminated debris, residue, biofilm, regrowth or clumps

How Plasma performs better against other sterilisation methods.

OXONOX AirLift Hepafilter UV Light Ionic Particles
Kills virus and bacteria Yes kills in seconds and according to experimental data can keep surfaces sterile for a few hours afterwards. Disinfects heavily contaminated and dirty irregular surfaces. Air is disinfected without dust clump formation
Close constant exposure over 30 mins, has to be within a highly reflective containment and will not work on irregular dirty surfaces. Most work through a pathway involving ozone and are variably effective. They will not work in dusty or contaminated environments No unless also incorporating ozone. Particulate clumps survive on surfaces. Particulates are charged and adhere to an opposite or neutral charged surface. Studies conflict but generally accepted as rather ineffective without ozone being also produced
Need for adsorption filters
Maintenance requirements Infrequent simple filter changes. Surface cleaning important but not as regularly as alternatives Yes. Simple exchange Yes frequent and costly, including regular surface wiping and bulb maintenance Yes cleaning clumped and contaminated particles which is labour intensive
Must be turned on at all times No. Duty cycle - only 5 seconds on in every 30 minutes off. Power saving in between cycles NR Yes. Constant power use Yes. Constant power use
Can safely be used in the vicinity of humans Yes provided correctly fitted and maintained
Yes provided not exposed to direct UV source in the lift car and is frequently maintained Not recommended. Danger with inhalation of clumped and ionic charged particles in the car

OXONOX AirLift Patented Technology

The OXONOX AirLift can be installed on top of any make or model of elevator lift car system and will efficiently and effectively sanitise the air and touch surfaces. Low energy consumption makes it ideal for use in retail, industrial and commercial buildings, but also care homes and hospitals.

Passenger Safety

OXONOX AirLift has been rigorously tested and holds a CE Mark with full IEC 61010-1 regulatory approval, electrical and emissions safety certifications.

Non-harmful to the environment, zero consumables, very low energy consumption

Patented concept & design with full regulatory approval

Zero risk of cross infection or contamination

Confidence in Protection

OXONOX has developed commercial solutions that have the capability to destroy harmful viruses and bacteria in public and private settings.

Cost-saving technology - no consumables, no labour costs

Unique 6 hour disinfection shield for continued protection

The most thorough and efficient solution on the market – effective 99.99% kill within seconds

Guaranteed effectiveness

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